Iranian Raisin
Pars crops provide all Iranian raisin varieties including: Sun dried, Sultana, Golden(angora), and Kashmary Green/Golden raisin with premium quality and competitive prices.
Our raisins are double sorted, metal detected with exact required specifications and
Ochratoxin is controlled within the standards requirements.




Golden Raisin (angori) 

This seedless type has golden color which is produced from vineyards of Vitis vinifera variety , the hand-picked Bunches of grapes is treated with sulfur fumigation process and then shade-dried.




Sultana Raisin (Light/Dark Brown)

One of the best Iranian Raisins with unique and delicate taste which available in different sizes and quality (seedless & with seed), Iranian sultana raisins are available in two color light brown and dark brown .




Kashmary Raisin (Green/Golden)

Also known as long raisin , it is originally a south khorasan province cultivation, this variety is with seed and it is famous for its special sweet and sour taste and its long length shape. Long raisin like golden raisin is made using sulfur fumigation process and shade dried .





Sun-Dried Raisin
This seedless variety with dark color, is produced with no additional material , grapes are dried by sun.



Jumbo 250-300 per 100g
Standard 301-370 per 100g
Medium 371-500 per 100g
Small 501-650 per 100g