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Cure Depression with saffron – miracle of Iranian saffron

More Americans suffer from depression today than ever before. Reports from the Centers for Disease Control reveal that 1 in 10 US adults say they are suffering from depression,1 and by 2020, depression is expected to be the world’s second-leading cause of disability.2But within this tragedy is another.In the words of one 2013 study, this problem continues to escalate “after more than half a century of modern psychopharmacology, with billions of dollars spent on antidepressants annually world-wide.”3 Over the last 25 years, the use of antidepressant medication in the US has gone up 400%,4 and 11% of Americans aged 12 years and over now take antidepressant medication.

[Iran as leading Saffron exporter , produces over 90% of the 250 tons produced worldwide each year .
Iranian/Persian Saffron because of unique ecological conditions deliver a strong-flavor and color and has renowned reputation for its quality in International Markets.]



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